Strip Poohsticks, Strip Conway's Game Of Life

Yes, I’m using XKCD for the hard sell. Actually more as a kind of experiment. Today’s XKCD is talking about the rarity or otherwise of strip versions of various games on Google. So I surmised that everyone (including me) will now be googling such gems as Strip Podracing, Strip Chess By Mail, and Strip Iterated Prisoners Dilemma (I shall have to look that one up on Wikipedia at some point when I’m not revising). And I wanted to see how much of a difference it would make to my reader figures on this one day as compared to all other days. So, between now and the end of today, according to the cut-off point WP stats defines, since I wont actually be online at 10.05 tomorrow, we will see how many extra readers I get and I will tell you the results as a percentage or something tomorrow (I wouldn’t want to tell you the actual hit numbers I get, you’d get jealous :P).

Meanwhile, hello extra readers from XKCD. You should stick around. Sometimes I actually say something worth while. Sometimes I just bitch about the cats. I write most days.

Oh, and does anyone else feel like their childhood has been slightly tainted by the idea of Strip Poohsticks? I know I do…! I loved that game.



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8 responses to “Strip Poohsticks, Strip Conway's Game Of Life

  1. SHAMELESS, darling, shameless. Really??

  2. Jenny

    Haha I know. It hasn’t yet appeared high enough up in Google for there to be any appreciable difference; I doubt it will. But. Thought it would be interesting! xxx

  3. The iterated prisoner’s dilemma is a really interesting problem in game theory because it’s one of the simplest that is a good model for social interaction.

    The prisoner’s dilemma is this: you have two prisoners, both presented with the opportunity to inform on the other. If they both are quiet, they will receive a mild punishment. If one informs on the other, the informer will get away with no punishment and the informed-upon will get a severe punishment. If they both inform on the other, they get a moderate punishment.

    You make this “iterated” by performing this over and over again, where both participants know if the other informed or not on the previous round.

    As it happens, the best tactic for playing this game is optimistic tit-for-tat. You start not informing (optimism) and they you do whatever your opponent did in the previous round after that.

    Personally, I think it would make a very interesting strip game!

  4. Jenny

    Oh I see – once you explained I vaguely remembered having heard of it before. And yes, it would be very interesting as a strip game – and by the sounds of it, the ‘punishments’ could be positively intriguing. But then I guess we’re wandering into the realms of sex games and well out of the realm of Things To Do when you’re Bored And Too Young To Be In The Pub.

  5. Adam

    The only strip game i’ve ever played is Strip Snap… Mainly because I don’t think the girls would’ve been able to handle poker… or anything else!?!?

  6. Jenny

    I’ve never played strip chess but I have played strip more or less everything else except Twister (taht would be *interesting*, and not in a good way).

    Oh, and you’re very funny :P.

    And yeah you’re right I’m *useless* at poker, so these days I refuse to play.

  7. I’ve not played strip anything… 😦

  8. I dunno, strip Twister would be fine, as long as I was the only guy playing. The possible consequences otherwise are too unpleasant to contemplate.

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