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Oh, man.

In the arid millennia since my last post, what’s happened? Quite a lot. I’ve been fairly successfully self-employed for more or less a whole year – successfully in that I haven’t starved to death and, most of the time, I haven’t missed out on spending money to do fun things. Copy-editing, in case you care – enjoyable, but I don’t like working all alone at home.

I applied for PGCE places in Chemistry at University of Home City, Ex-Poly of Home City, Another City We Both Like, and in Biology at University of Home City. Meanwhile S ranked all the junior doctor jobs in the county, with his top choices being Hospitals Close To Home City, Hospitals In Home City, Another City We Both Like, and Seaside Town, followed by all the jobs in those places he didn’t want, followed by all the jobs in places he didn’t want to live.

S discovered that his F1 job will be one of his favourite rotations in Seaside Town, which is about 2 hours away by train or driving from Home City. Which is great news – Seaside Town will be a lovely place to live and it’s very much the job for him. Part of me was still hoping I’d get a PGCE in Another City, as it’s a bit closer to Seaside Town, even though we’d still not realistically be able to live together.

The week after we found that out, he passed all his exams. I will now slavishly refer to him on this blog as Dr S. (No, I won’t, but I am incredibly proud. I have yet to go to any dinner parties with old school friends so I can say, ‘oh, I’m so sorry S couldn’t make it, but you know, he is a doctor’ in as obnoxiously loud and smug a way as I can…*).

Then I got invited to interview for a PGCE place in Home City. There was one Chemistry place and three of us interviewing for it, as well as a physicist and a biologist. And I got it! I can’t really describe how happy I am about that – somehow it feels like a long time since I achieved something and was just wholeheartedly and without reservation proud of myself for achieving that thing.

So that’s that.

S has a beautiful house for rent in Sea Town, all to himself (rents there are amazing). I am looking at city centre studios aimed at postgraduate students and young professionals, and also at the studio apartments available for postgraduate students from the university, which is quite exciting. I’m looking forward to a year of incredible stress and hard work, weekends away relaxing in beautiful Sea Town, and a job which I think I’m really and absolutely going to love, even on the days when I sort of hate it a lot too.

Life’s looking good. I’m sorry it’s been a while.

*I wouldn’t do that, don’t worry.



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