Here are some pictures that I have taken. They’re here because I think they’re alright. Some of them might even count as ‘good’. I probably won’t update it very often – to be honest I just fancied having a tab at the top of my blog that said ‘Gallery’, so I felt all cultured and stuff.

  • The first few were all taken at Kingston Lacey. Google it, it’s near Salisbury. This was a few days after my birthday, in August 2010, when I first got this camera. Kit lens, Canon 400D.
  • A few other pictures from last summer – bakery at a friends’, flowers and stuff from a pub garden near Newcastle. Same camera, same lens – no editing (except compressing to get onto this page, of course).
  • So far I haven’t gone in for editing my photos once taken, so what you see is entirely what I shot. This is mainly because I don’t have photoshop – I like the idea of having it and messing around and seeing what I could do but equally I like that I haven’t edited my photos, and I don’t really know why, because it’s not as if I have anything against post-production. I don’t know.
  • Four pictures taken when Mum and I made marmalade in February 2011.
  • Some pictures taken in Edinburgh when I went there for the weekend with the university Photographic Society just before Easter 2011.

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