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Firstly, on the theme of inspiration, who on the blogosphere has posted about making their own dress? Not as many as you’d expect. But a surprising number of those people are, like me, those with less experience than they ‘should’ have. I’m using this as a way to learn a lot of skills to a deadline and come out a better sewist as well as the proud sporter of a fantastic frock, and I hugely doubt I’m alone in that motivation. So, here are some bloggers you might want to check out, for a range of reasons, and who have made a whole range of different dresses.

  • Root Branch Bole spoke informatively and eloquently about making her dress with lots of notes on patterns, techniques, and the challenges she faced along the way. I am also so in love with the dress she made that my heart aches, and it’ll be a challenge not to straight up just order the same pattern and crack into that gorgeous botanical lace. I’m not going to, but this is pretty much exactly my style.
  • This post has no detail about techniques etc, but it is a heartfelt and beautiful post which seriously inspires me about the whole idea, and the dress she made is also gorgeous. You should, if you’re getting married, check out A Practical Wedding anyway, because it’s a wonderful website, and I bought the fantastic book of the same name which has given me the confidence to plan the wedding we truly want, and not worry anything we don’t.
  • I really don’t think I could handle the stress: Mia from Misha and Mia had four months to plan her wedding, decided to make her dress having sewn nothing bigger than a tote bag before, didn’t start on the dress itself until 2 and a half weeks before the wedding, and then fractured a bone in her arm! And still came out with a gorgeous dress (not really my style, but I do appreciate that this is a beautiful dress) and having clearly learnt a lot in the process.
  • Hugely useful post packed with info from Restless Grace on how she made her dress and the things she learned along the way.
  • And in the vein of incredibly informative, Scared Stitchless blogged every step of the way throughout her wedding-dress-making journey, with loads of useful posts and in-depth info on more or less every stage. She is also honest about the things that didn’t go to plan and the ways that maybe her dress could have been better, while saying she couldn’t have been prouder or happier to wear a dress that she had made on her wedding day.

That’s a good thought to end on, I think. When I walk down the aisle to meet my darling partner in just over a year from now, I will, I hope, be wearing a dress I’ve made myself. And if by some quirk of fate I somehow don’t look like the perfect cross between Keira Knightley and Kate Middleton on that day, and the dress in my head isn’t quite the same as the dress on my body, I will be hugely proud to have made it. Furthermore, if when it comes to it I can’t do it, and I end up spending £200 in John Lewis two weeks before the big day, so be it. I will have tried, and I will have learnt a lot. The thing I will absolutely care most about, and be happiest about, on that moment next year, is that I’m walking down the aisle to meet the man I’m going to spend the rest of my life with. And frankly, I would do that wearing a sack. Wearing a pretty dress – even wearing a pretty dress that I’ve worked really hard to bring together – will just be a great bonus.



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