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Traveller’s Tales

Do you know, I’ve been really busy. I’ve been working – first in the labs back in University of Home Town, where yes, I learnt a lot, did a lot, and had a brilliant time. I’ve been jaunting – I went to Devon, walked along a lot of coastline, swam in the sea pretty much every day, and had a surfing lesson (I was marginally less terrible at surfing than I expected to be and I really want to go again); then I went to Towersey, during which time I got most of each days nutrients and energy from cider rather than from solid food, managed to pour barbecue sauce all over my knees to the amusement and gratification of everyone, danced a lot, laughed a lot, and became an actual pro at backgammon. I’ve returned to Uni Town where I’ve started my new job at the chaplaincy and have been immensely and excessively busy organising and planning lots of fantastic things for the new year, getting to know my colleagues, starting to meet some of the new students, and drinking too much coffee. Perfect. Choir has started up again and my voice is slowly creaking back into gear (in my defence I’ve had several throat infections, colds, etc in a row for the several weeks prior to my triumphant return up north). I have been to my first ever motor race – the Silverstone Six Hours, with two names you’ll recognise, meeting up afterwards with two more familiar (now-conjoined) names (and three links). It was an incredible experience, though when I go next year I will bring earphones or something to protect my ears! (And yes, I will go next year). I also went to a funfair, something I’d almost never done before. Got bruised, thrown around, whirled about, smashed into on the Dodgems, saw some fantastic fireworks, and had a wonderful evening. Why have I never done this before?!

All of which is wonderful but it does mean that I currently have very little idea what’s going on in the news, none of my clothes are ironed and fewer than I’d like are clean. My desk is stacked high with relevant and irrelevant things, knitting, and mugs. I am behind on all the telly I want to gawp at and the books I want to read. And I can’t remember the last time I had a thought worth writing about on this or any blog. Not that I have any others. Sometimes I want to write because I’m in a bad mood and I want to complain to someone far enough away that I don’t then have to get sympathy back – I just want to spill into the ether that right now I am not happy, but I won’t do that because ‘right now’ usually lasts about five minutes and then I remember something awesome that’s happening today, tomorrow or possibly in three weeks time. Do you know what I mean though – that sometimes you want to write down the way you’re feeling not because you want to communicate it to someone, anyone or everyone, but simply because you want to take it out of yourself and put it on the page as if that will somehow make it better? But as I say, these days, thank God, everything is bowling along very nicely thanks and I’m quite happy. To be honest I just like stomping around, complaining and being cross, sometimes. So you can tell me to shut up, you know.

Oh, also, if I get some time in the future, I want to get all enthusiastic about various different musical things that I have discovered (or rediscovered) recently and about whom I don’t think I’ve raved before. So…watch this space?



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