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My Charlotte skirt post has now been updated with photos. Although the originals were taken on S’s DSLR, and the edited JPEGs are juicily large, for some reason WP doesn’t like them and so they are pixelly if I put them any larger than this. Even though (promise) you can blow them up to ridiculous proportions on my screen.

Look out for future crafting posts though, because they are surprisingly close to fruition!


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What’s occurring?*

This is one of those posts where I’m trying to convey a sense of my life while obfuscating details and disguising emotions. My chosen method for obfuscation, disguise and display today is a list. Blogging is a strange thing.

  • I have now made two skirts. I have another project on the go, something lined up for tomorrow, and a head full of future ideas.
  • I have got really stuck in to a knitting project  which was promised for last Christmas and may take the rest of my life, but I’m really enjoying it, and I hope it’s loved when it finally reaches the intended recipient. Jokes aside this should be before said recipient’s birthday.
  • I am very excited about some future possibilities based around where we are moving to next, and the possibilities this opens up. I am considering carefully my future options, but at some point in my life it’s possible that I won’t be working from home and playing ‘house’! This is a career dream and I am a) so concerned about internet security that I am convinced there are spies everywhere who will find this blog and think I’m not someone they want and b) convinced I will jinx myself by revealing any more.
  • I am playing in a fantastic orchestra. We’re doing some amazing repertoire and I love having my cello out again.
  • The scenery around here is fantastic and now S’s walk home takes him past the seaside I have taken to meeting him to walk or run home.
  • We will be moving in the summer to a bigger city. While I love our seaside home, I am looking forward to all the extra fun things this will involve, like climbing, a new choir, more board games and a sense that more is going on.
  • I seriously considered joining the WI a few weeks ago.
  • We have been playing a lot of board games. I am really enjoying them, and starting to get semi competent at them, which is great.
  • I want to make ALL THE CLOTHES EVER.

That’s approximately it from here. There is more, but it’s pretty similar to what’s there. I did have a job in sales. I wasn’t very good at it. I left before I was asked to leave, and while I am now working hard to feel busy, and I’m sad I never started to turn friendly acquaintances from work into genuine friends, I’m glad I left.

Blog-wise, S has started a new blog about the things he enjoys doing. I think I might do similar – attempt to write once a week about the things I have done that have been fun. It might encourage me to finish more of the things I start and make more time for the things I enjoy, rather than just crashing out in front of the telly of an evening.

*At some point in the less-employed parts of the last few months, I (years after everyone else) actually watched Gavin & Stacey. I loved it.


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Charlotte Skirt

I’ve finally got photos taken of my wonderful Charlotte Skirt! I bought the Skirt Kit while I was teaching because I didn’t have a lot of time and I really wanted to get started on a project. Then it turned out that I actually had no time, because teaching is a thing to do if you suddenly think you never want to do any of your hobbies, sleep a whole night, or see any of your friends and family ever again. (I’m joking, and I mean no disrespect to the teaching profession, but seriously: No. Time).

Anyway, bought the kit. Stared at it longingly for months. Finally, made it.

2 - Tartan Charlotte Skirt  (2 of 8)

I’m really happy with it, actually. It was easy to sew, and the instructions were really clear. I didn’t alter the pattern at all because I wouldn’t know where to start, but I think it works well on me as-is. It’s not very neat on the insides (at least around the  zip, and I did something of a hack job on the hem) but all seams bar centre back are Frenched (I don’t have an overlocker but I like doing French seams even if they are time-consuming!).

I had some trouble with the invisible zip – it’s a bit hard to visualise and I had to unpick and restart twice – but the instructions again were pretty clear, I’m just a beginner sewist who can’t tell her lefts and rights! I also googled some tutorials for it (I’m sorry, I didn’t save links). The one thing I did learn is that while the instructions tell you to use the invisible zipper foot while doing them, if you don’t have an invisible zipper foot, a normal zipper foot will also work. It’s harder to get the zip truly invisible though. Some fantastic people can do it, and as for me, well, it’s not invisible, but I can live with and work on that!

2 - Tartan Charlotte Skirt  (7 of 8)

I was proud of my hemming which I did by hand, it’s very nearly invisible from the outside. The waistband though I really didn’t do a good job of! Some lessons very definitely learned about how to attach a waistband, and subsequent hook and eye placement!

2 - Tartan Charlotte Skirt  (1 of 8)

Overall though I’m very happy with my skirt. I love it styled like this for every day (though I would love to pair it with a leather jacket, which in my case I have not got) but I also have worn it to work and it goes with a variety of blouses, and with the right shoes and top would make a good going out/pub outfit as well (if I was the type to go to the pub ‘dressed up’, or if indeed there was anywhere even half-worth going to in Seaside Town other than pubs). It’s close-fitting, and very pegged (i.e. it tapers in a lot to the knees, so not much range of movement), so if I were to make a longer version it would have to have a split or a kick pleat in the back because I take such big steps and I walk a lot. I’m not really impractical enough for fashion!

Anyway, there you have it – one Charlotte Skirt! Already planning a few more, but I’ve got other projects I want to make first…!

2 - Tartan Charlotte Skirt  (6 of 8)


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