Wandering Weekend

This weekend just gone, S and I had an adventure which I’ve been thinking about since S first moved here. The Cleveland Way, one of the many long-distance paths one can do around the British Isles, passes right by our door here. It runs down a good chunk of the North East coast but I wanted to do the stretch from Whitby back to our door.

So finally, with a long weekend coming up for this weekend, I got the map out, measured the distances involved, spotted a good midpoint overnight stop off in the form of the Boggle Hole youth hostel, booked it up, and looked out the local bus timetable. And, first thing on Saturday morning, we got to our local supermarket as it opened, filled the tops of our rucksacks with all kinds of bits and pieces from the deli counter (well, it *was* our holiday!), and then got on the bus to Whitby.

We had a lovely weekend which I’ve partially documented on Instagram (@jennydegenhardt, feel free to put in a follow request). The coastal path was beautiful, not highly varied as a lot of the land by the coast is mainly farmland but there were some lovely coastal landscapes/seascapes, beautiful little wooded dells, fantastic bays – and it was wonderful to get out and do some real walking for the first time in a while.

The walk from Whitby to the hostel was only about seven miles, so after lunch and having checked in we did another seven miles poking around the local countryside and found our way onto the North York Moors very briefly before heading back to the hostel. Then we had an idyllic evening sitting outside with wine and our books, a hearty catered dinner (we had brought stuff to cook but we felt like treating ourselves!), before a walk along the beach and an incredibly restful night’s sleep.

Incidentally if you’re planning a UK holiday at any point, you could do much worse than the Boggle Hole YHA. It feels like a real escape as it’s tucked into a tiny inlet about a mile down the beach from Robin Hood’s Bay, a beautiful little fishing village. the hostel is right on the beach where a small stream runs into the sea, and it’s tucked into some lovely woodland (which is great for children to explore as well, as it features a ‘storytelling circle’ with a throne and benches surrounded by a wicker fence, various other little ‘scenes’, and a cottage where the Wolf from Red Riding Hood sleeps ominously…). We were offered a private room as the place was otherwise fully booked, and our room was twice the price of sleeping in dorms, but was no different except that there was only one set of bunks in our room, so I would argue it wasn’t worth the £60 we paid, but nonetheless we had a lovely time. Note that if you don’t take a private room, a bed for the night is only £13, which is very good value for the stay we had, and the staff were all lovely – so with that one reservation, I would strongly recommend it!

Our next day then was a long one – about fifteen miles – which was a bit much for  S’s not-fully-broken-in boots and my general unfitness! We made it home though, and had a great weekend. A hundred yards from home, S said to me, through a fixed grimace, ‘next time you suggest something like this, I’ll punch you in the face. I’ll still say yes, but I’ll hit you first’.

I’m pretty sure we both had fun.



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2 responses to “Wandering Weekend

  1. Long walks are great. There are tonnes of them around, they are cheap as chips, and they provide a sense of achievement that only covering a decent distance completely under your own power can give you. Might I recommend doing the Welsh 3000s (if you’re not feeling sprightly enough to do it in a day which is HARD, you can do it in three neat sections) which covers all of the highest peaks in Wales in a total of around 24 miles and has terrific views and scenery.

  2. Sounds fantastic, will look into it for our next trip out NOW WE HAVE A CAAAAAR. Thanks! I’m also looking at the Lyke Wake Walk, 40-odd miles across the North York Moors, the route that the coffin road used to follow. My dad did it in 24 hours once, starting at 3am. We’re planning on getting me a proper bivvy bag etc for proper lightweight long distance walking fun 🙂 (S is aghast at how ‘underprepared’ my parents have left me as my tent is ‘rubbish’ (read – floral and perfect for festivals), my day bag ‘tiny’ (I got it when I was 12) and they never replaced the sleeping bag I left on a train… he meanwhile has a whole loftful of kit for more or less any outdoor eventuality. This makes me feel very fond of both S and my parents.).

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