So much for weekly updates!


To be honest, not too much has happened. I made another skirt – this one was self-drafted! – of which photos are on my phone so will probably never make it here because I’m a lazy technophobe.

I am also making a long-sleeved jersey top using the Renfrew pattern from Sewaholic, from a lovely cream and grey striped jersey which I bought from Guthrie and Ghani on a whirlwind visit to family.

My dad meanwhile has started a blog about his work in social policy and the third sector. I won’t link here, but email me if you’re interested and I will pass on the link. And I do mean email, because then I know that I know you!

S’s birthday was recently and we had a lovely meal out, a good night in the pub with friends and an unexpected pub quiz, and I made a cake (a rare feat chez OTB!).

We have also found a beautiful flat in Old Cathedral City, sharing with our friend M, which is in the very centre of the city surrounded by twisty little streets, amazing pubs and bars, intriguing little shops and plenty of yarn/fabric shops as well! The flat itself is gorgeous with big windows, a huge central room, a balcony in our bedroom and a bedroom that literally looks like it came from a hotel. There is also a quirky little platform in one corner of the lounge which M and S are planning on turning into their ‘man cave’, filling it with cushions and beanbags and then all the screens and games consoles you could wish for. It’s OK, I will be allowed in – S recently got a PS3 so we’ve been playing some awesome karting games and platformers. I’ve tried some shooters but I really can’t get my head around walking with one stick, looking around with the other stick, and also attempting to jump/duck/crawl/peer/sprint AND potentially shoot/change weapons/aim… I do try but I lose patience very rapidly.

We are also going to be getting a car at the end of this month! We’re both having refresher lessons because it’s been a long time.

That really is about it.




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4 responses to “So much for weekly updates!

  1. Sounds like a lovely bit of domesticity! My living conditions have more or less precluded gaming lately, and it makes me rather sad. You do get used to the controls; I personally used to be a staunch advocate of only using keyboard and mouse to shoot people in the face, but I picked up the controller way of doing it, and now I like to think I’m fairly good at shooting people in the face on consoles too.

    It’s just persistence, really. Just like my 6 year old self would now be very impressed with how good I am at Sonic 3.

    And you’re doing better than me at updates. Last I checked, my blog was pining for the fjords. I should probably fix that.

  2. Life is certainly very domestic :).

    Sorry you’ve not been gaming lately – I’ve been really enjoying it. The other thing I’ve been enjoying is really involved board games. We just had a weekend of boardgames with a couple of friends including a game called Twilight Imperium that LITERALLY TOOK TWO DAYS. It was actually excellent – stress-inducing, long-term strategy, drama, etc.

    And Risk Legacy, which is simply the best possible update to Risk.

    And War on Terror, which is the gateway drug of proper boardgames and involves a balaclava of evil, the ability to ‘turn terrorist’ and stage a major co meback, and a lot of treachery.

    As for gaming, I am getting better at controls. I was very proud when I finally managed to get my head around walking AND looking where I was going, and I can just about cope with most platformers and definitely karting games. So perhaps I’d give your six-year-old self a run for his money…?!

    And yes – fix it. I’m enjoying blogging again, however sporadically

  3. All the best people are sporadic blogger these days… :-S

  4. Oh, but I wrote a comment on this blog when it was first published and I can’t remember what it said apart from basically blog more and I want to know more, but less forthright and more polite. Argh!

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