New Favourite Advert

You know what a sucker I am for adverts. Not for the products they sell necessarily (I’m not going to try and contend I’m immune to marketing – after all, what twenty-something really needs two different kinds of moisturiser to put on her face depending on whether it’s night- or day-time?) but for adverts themselves. You’ve seen me weep over John Lewis and Waitrose adverts and giggle at bizarre Japanese-themed shower-gel adverts (this is where me bothering to use tags would be really handy, because there’s a bit of me that feels obliged to trawl through my archives to link back to those posts (I won’t, sorry, but try Decembers passim for particularly rich pickings), and if I used tags, I’d simply tag this (and every other similar post) ‘Adverts’ and Bob would be your uncle (realistically I probably don’t have that much influence on your ancestry, unless…hello future children. This is awkward).

Anyway. This advert for a car (see, I didn’t even remember which car until I Googled the advert – turns out it’s a Peugeot 208 (fun fact – I used to think there were two brands of car manufacturer beginning with P – ‘Persio’ and the one spelt Peugeot which I pronounced ‘Pewgot’)).

It’s silly, fun, features a likeable ‘everyman’ character who’s clearly a bit shy but has an inner self who wants be a bit more outre – and when his inner self – ‘Body’ – turns up in yellow boxers and starts doing all of these things that our main man never quite dares to do, Mr Shy Everyman is clearly, quietly, pleased. It’s adorable really, and a bit of a giggle. Watch out for ‘Body”s giggle when they go bungee jumping. Squeee!

That’s all :).


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