Flexible Tiger

Today, I am feeling thoughtful.

Disregard the title, it’s irrelevant, it’s merely that those two words make me smile every time I think of or hear them, and I always think of one of my cat, who really is more like a panther (the other one is more like a dumpling, she’s gorgeous). ‘Flexible tiger’ quotes from an English translation of the libretto to Haydn’sCreation, which work utterly delighted me quite recently, partly for moments like the above, and partly for the utterly wonderful painting with words and music that Haydn does in recreating for his audience the Creation. It’s so much more fun than other oratorios, all cursing and damnation and what have you. This is all animals and plants and birds bursting to life in sound and colour in your mind. Wonderful. So that was good.

I did say disregard the title, didn’t I? Never mind.

In other news, have some All About My Life As It Is At The Moment. Despite the fact that this blog is not hidden and anyone who knows what they’re doing can probably google me and stalk me to this point, there’s no harm in talking about the things I am up to.

I am enjoying my job. The first couple of weeks were frustrating. I’m doing more or less what I was doing last year, which, for the layperson, is effectively baking lots of cakes made of plastic. It feels like baking – lots of mixing and waiting and putting things in the oven, combined with the finicky frustration of putting things just here or just there and it not all going quite how you want it to go, and then hoicking the things you’ve made out of the oven at the end only to find that for reasons you were unaware of at the time (you put plain flour in instead of self-raising, that was bicarb not baking powder, the eggs were too small, you know the drill) your cakes haven’t come out quite to plan. Well in my case the things that go wrong aren’t mistakes as such so much as the ‘plastic’ I’m using hasn’t cured properly so I need to spend longer on curing stages time round, or I thought the things I were using were entirely clean, dust- and bubble-free but no, they’ve gone into the oven and mischievously developed dust and bubbles without me doing anything…

…anyway, don’t speak too soon but the last couple of days it’s started to go right. I’ve made a few tweaks here and there and I’m back in the game. And my production levels are way up as well, thanks mainly to making obsessive ‘to do’ lists in order to juggle cooking times and times when I have to do things so that actually I can overlap the whole process loads and effectively make two sets of my plastic cakes (‘devices’) at once.

Does that all make sense?

So that’s good.

Outside of the job I am supposed to be proofreading for a journal I work for. It’s OK, I’ll get it all done, but right now I’m blogging. The house is cold, the cats don’t understand me (or at least, they don’t seem to, and they certainly don’t talk back) when I talk to them, my family are still on holiday, and there are still two weeks until S gets back from India. Two and a half. On the other hand, when I’m not trying to proofread, I am doing fun things like knitting, and I have got loads of photos from our family holiday that I’m looking forward to editing, and life is basically quite good. Apart from the cold. A good friend is coming to stay for the weekend which will hopefully feature cinema trips and window-shopping and maybe a walk or two and watching films and cooking and the house being warm, please. But before that I have to finish this proofreading and maybe, just maybe, unpack from holiday.

I want to talk about how I miss S, how I start to forget what it feels like to fall asleep beside him and how I’m half-tempted to start talking to myself the way I always talk to him, rather than keeping my inner monologue, well, inner, but that I won’t do that because actually I don’t want to seem insane even though I’m pretty sure the cats wouldn’t judge and half my colleagues talk to themselves in the lab anyway so I could probably get away with the odd spate of muttering, even if my colleagues are probably talking about the work they’re doing and I’d be wittering on about who knows what. But that’s all really. He’ll come back, and then I’ll steal his passport so he can’t go away without me again… *cough*.

Not really :).

I think it should stop being so cold and rainy now. This isn’t bloody Sweden. Our knitwear’s not cool enough for that yet.


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