Mental Health Event Links

Hello everyone. Readers who know me IRL and on FB may have realised that I’m doing a Mental Health Awareness event at the place where I work. As it happens, as I write, it’s tonight, and I’m really excited. Anyway, I’ve been finding all kinds of interesting internet resources and rather than spamming the event wall with them I thought I’d post a series of links up here instead. So, if you’re new to this blog, welcome, and if you’re old to it, that’s what’s happening (and sorry, so are finals, imminently, which is why I’ve not posted recently…)!

Firstly, I found this brilliant article in the Guardian about a men’s group which brings together blokes from a less than priveleged area of Bristol every week over cooking, games, craft projects and so on – it’s a great article about an amazing project and a different perspective from what you get as a student on what looking after your mental health might mean.

Then there’s the Black Dog Tribe. This is a sort of social network, originally set up by Ruby Wax, providing a supportive and interesting community with various different forums for people living with the ‘black dog’ of depression. I found it pretty empowering and I wish I’d known about it years ago.

Even bad mental habits like procrastination come under the banner of mental health. Not in an ‘ill’ way but in the same way that you’d be more healthy if you ate more fruit and veg and actually used that gym membership, those running shoes, or whatever it is, your mental health should be just as much of a concern. So here’s quite a fun, short article about procrastination (to procrastinate by reading) and, hopefully, how *not* to procrastinate…!

In contrast, here’s an article from a woman suffering from anorexia in which she makes it clear that this is more a mental illness than it is a food-related issue. Very moving, thoughtful and well-written.

Finally, I found a lot of interesting things via the Guardian’s Mental Health section. Definitely worth a browse.


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