Or is it ‘ageing’? I’m never sure. Call myself a proofreader. I’ve just found a video I first saw back in 2006, called ‘Everyday‘. A man, Noah Kalina, takes a photo of himself every day for six years and strings them all together in a mesmerising film. Hair grows and shortens, surroundings and light change, but constant in the centre of the screen is his face, an unflinching stare. Watching it I can never work out if I think he looks older by the end than he does at the beginning, and is it fancy or fact that although he intentionally keeps as blank a facial expression as possible, sometimes he looks more or less serious and you wonder what’s going on that you can’t see, what has happened and does it etch lines into his face? It’s hard to tell how old he is when he starts the project, or when he finishes it. It’s hard to put a finger on what has really changed. And I thought that was about it, but then I looked up his website as well – and he’s still uploading photos of himself, taken once a day. I can’t put a finger on why but I found it fascinating viewing. Something about what it means to be a human being alive on this planet, something deeply comforting somehow about age being something to be treasured rather than fought. His site also contains absolutely no information about himself – we know nothing other than his name and his face and that he lives in a place where it is occasionally cold outdoors. Nothing to explain why maybe he looks more tired in this string of photos than he does earlier or later on, nothing to say what he does with his time or why the odd day is missing or anything. The photos are somehow intensely personal, with that unflinching gaze, but in reality we have no context, no lens by which we can judge this man, except his face. I don’t know, if you’re going to procrastinate anyway, you may as well feel a bit deep and a bit intelligent while doing so.

If not, have a gander at urlesque’s 100 Most Iconic Viral Videos..?


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  1. I love that video. It’s the eyes that don’t change where everything else is chaos that makes it quite so fixating, I think.

    And the piano music is so very appropriate, and was the third piece I ever learnt to play =)

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