I’m quite excited. I just have to sew this project up and then I can start on the next one. When I have time. What is time? I barely know any more. However, hopefully, expect photos, though not before the recipient has recieved and I can post them up.

The thing about knitting I find is that I don’t like to have more than one project on the go at once. However this does then mean that I’m halfway through one project when I decide what the next one will be, and then I am impatient to finish the one and move onto the next. I shall enjoy my next project – when that goes up, with any luck, you’ll recognise it, by the way – but I’m already thinking about the two projects that will follow it.

That said those are two very different projects. One is massive and lacy, the other is massive and very, very simple. So I may have to do those both simultaneously because otherwise I will get bored of lace work, or bored of dead simple, and either way I shall go slightly mad.

I’ve also taken a lot of photos recently. Some are people, so you don’t get to see those, I’m afraid, but some are plants and stuff and I’m quite pleased with those too. And I’ve discovered some things about my camera that I didn’t know before which if you ask me is quite exciting. Not that you get to see that yet because I haven’t done anything worth doing.

The main problem with this blogging lark is that I’m absolutely bloody hopeless at ever turning on my laptop at the moment. It’s all work and sleep I’m afraid…!

Although there’s a bit of me that wants to get all domestic-bliss-blogger on you and start taking photos of the things we’re making for dinner and post those every day. But I won’t because I’m 22 and that’s silly.


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  1. Fiona

    Dammit, I meant to reply to this last night but evidently it didn’t come through. The general gist, however, was: ooh! ooh! ooh! I love pictures of finished knitwear, how exciting πŸ™‚ and also I hope the recipient is appropriately grateful and in awe of your mad skills with the sticks and string.

    Also you are a better knitter than I am. Project monogamy has never been my strong suit. I always need at least three or four things to switch between or I get bored. Currently, two cardigans, a sock and a hat. One plain, one textured, one lacy and one cabley. And they say knitting improves your attention span…

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