This Is Not A Brilliant Or World-Changing Observation

However I thought you should all know. I was going to try and think of a way to write this post which would make it genuinely interesting from the perspective of any passing reader – the ones who seem to keep coming back to this blog despite not knowing me presumably due to my perspicacious, witty thoughts on the world and my place in it and not through some bizarre vicarious admiration of my brilliant life…. Yes. Anyway.

No, I have news. So this post is specifically for those of you who know me IRL or have read this for long enough to have built up some kind of semblance of a relationship with me. This makes me feel like a terrible blogger except, screw it, this blog is what I make of it and I choose to hardly ever post, come on here and witter frantically about someone most of you will never meet in the direction of a select few who possibly will, and then shamble away and not post until I have revision to do or a dreadful cold and still have nothing to say, then so be it.

His name, this news of mine, at least for the purposes of this blog, is S. I have just about stopped (sometimes) being surprised by how happy I am. And according to the prompting I got when I typed in my URL to get here just now on his computer, he’s already got this on his RSS feed. Hello :).



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6 responses to “This Is Not A Brilliant Or World-Changing Observation

  1. James

    And, you know, it was obvious from Facebook.


  2. Lucy


    What James said. Or, it would have been had I been stalking you at the time and not retrospectively.

  3. Jenny

    Haha yes I suppose it is :S. Good times. And thank you πŸ™‚

  4. Flix

    S is not a name. S is a letter. I suggest Sailor as a moniker for no other reason than it was the one that popped into my head.

    I guess I fall somewhere in-between Real Life and Facebook, but there’s something of the nosey in me that is pleased that this news has been shared πŸ™‚

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