I don’t like doing posts just to apologise for being away or announce an upcoming hiatus or whatever. In some ways it seems slightly arrogant to assume that others would like to be given excuses for your non-presence, or warned to brace themselves for an inevitable future parting.

Equally, sometimes I’ve got nice emails, messages and comments asking me where I am and why I haven’t posted recently.

My last exam is tomorrow. I am then going away for a week, then starting full-time work. I don’t think I’ll even have my laptop for most of this time, one way or the other. So it’ll probably be at least a week until my next post, if not significantly more.

Having said that, I bet I think of something I want to write about tomorrow afternoon, when I should be packing or something. That’s the other thing about ‘I’m going on a break’ posts. It’s like begging Murphy’s Law to give you inspiration by accident. It’s completely not intentional.

Anyway, the sun is shining, the garden is looking beautiful, my exams are nearly over, one of my best friends is coming to lunch, my sister is here, and it’s all reasonably wonderful, as far as revision season can be. I hope you’re all well :).


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