Umpteenth Amazing Adverts Post

You all know I love a good advert. I really hate the bad ones. But this is actually brilliant. It’s a bit like the Lurpak ones in that it’s beautifully and craftily shot, and you catch it on telly and think, gosh, what is that for, and it takes a second viewing to make you realise what the ad has to do with the product. But in a good way, not in a stupidly stupid obscure way. Enjoy.



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3 responses to “Umpteenth Amazing Adverts Post

  1. Jenny

    My friend S has just pointed me to this which is possibly actually *more* awesome but totally different. So go and watch that too.

  2. Lucy

    I am glad that I did the supermarket shop before watching that advert, not after…

  3. Flix

    They’re on offer in Tesco. I don’t even like chocolate and yet I bought two packets because I am a nice person and according to the taster, they are nice desserts.

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