I’ve added some shots from my Edinburgh trip to the Gallery. Please go and look at them, I know it’s a whole other link you have to go and click on and blah, but I like them, and I hope you do too, and if you do, please say nice things, because I have a headache and too much work to do and it would cheer me up.

You should also watch Campus, it’s a show, find it on 4oD. Set in a struggling university somewhere in the Midlands (I’d guess) it’s similar sort of comedy to Green Wing – pretty surreal, occasionally rather rude, and occasionally, suddenly, and fleetingly poignant. Ideal.

Anyway, I need to do several things, one of which is clean the bathroom floor, so on that note I will leave you.



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4 responses to “Edinburgh

  1. Hah yeah, Campus is excellent. Same writers as Green Wing, which is why they’re similar. I’ve heard the ratings haven’t been that good so a 2nd series is unlikely, which is crap.

  2. Jenny

    It was good but I didn’t see it trailed at all I don’t think which might explain the poor ratings. I knew it was by the Green Wing people (oh God I loved that show). Channel 4 do so many good comedies. The thing about a second series is that actually, they tied up all the knots. All the requisite couples got together (well, implicitly at least) and the university got saved. So if there were to be a 2nd series I don’t know what they’d do.

  3. Lucy

    PhotoSoc trips must be such a genius plan. You can take as long as you like getting the perfect shot and the other people understand!

  4. Jenny

    Yup :). You have to keep reminding yourself that you don’t have to feel guilty! I think I need to add ‘photographer’ to my list (see previous entry) for pretty much that reason! xxx

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