Is It Enough?

Is it enough that I can say, yes, I am fond of you, you are a good person, and it is good that you are in my life, you, and you, and you – merely that I know you is a thing to be treasured? Is it enough that I can look out of the window and enjoy the shapes and shadows of the clouds and the sharpness of fresh air through my curtains? Is it enough that I have eyes to see and hands to feel and a brain to think and a mind to ponder? Is it enough to know that there are so many years yet to come and so many things I cannot even dream of now, so many places that one day I will have gone, friendships I will have made and lost, connections created, minds changed, hearts both grown and scarred? The world is at your feet, and mine, and yours, and yours, and yours, and it is not perfect, but it is larger than we can really conceive, and if you can believe that is enough, then whatever is happening now is surely alright, because it is no more than a drop in the river, and as they always say, you never step in the same river twice. If you can embrace that, then go on, wade right in, dive. Spread your wings and fly.


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