See, I Drafted A Whole Post About Dignity…

But I’m going to talk about knitting instead, because I’m just that brilliant. I worked out, today, how to do colourwork, so I’m knitting something with a tree pattern on it. It’s meant to be an iPhone cover, but although the tree pattern, which I designed myself, is looking fantastic (you know that jumper from The Killing, the Danish detective thing with Sarah Lund and the amazing scandinavian jumper she basically wears in every single episode? Yes. It’s a bit like that. But tiny), I have somehow however managed to misestimate how wide and long it has to be in order to hold a phone, so it’s going to be far too big, I think, and I may have to unravel it. I’ll finish it and see how it looks before I bind off because with some clever (for which read excessive) hemming, and perhaps a cotton lining of some kind, it might be OK, but if I finish it and it’s too gigantic for words I’ll simply have to start again. It seems silly that I can do something clever, like design the pattern for a tree, but I can’t do something easy, like do the right amount of knitting to fit around a phone. Oh well.

The only important bit of that paragraph was the bit where I said I worked out how to do colourwork and designed my own colourwork pattern.

I will take photos. Eventually. Right now, though: sleep.



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3 responses to “See, I Drafted A Whole Post About Dignity…

  1. Fiona


    Also, do not rip it. I shall cry. Either you can line it and it’ll be fine, or depending on what it’s made of (fibre-wise, I’m guessing ‘yarn’ is the obvious answer) and how brave you’re feeling, you might be able to steek it. Or felt it.

    You are almost certainly better at intarsia than me already. Well done. Show me how to do it without flinging it about the place and glaring at passers by?

  2. Jenny

    Sadly I ripped it back last night, it was definitely too big, but I’ll start again. I learnt how to do intarsia (is that what that means?! you learn something new every day πŸ™‚ ) from a youtube video, so I’m probably basically totally wrong, but it looked nice! So…yup, sorry, pics or it didn’t happen!! Which apparently it didn’t.


  3. There are two types of colourwork: fair isle, which is a couple of stitches in one colour before changing to another, and you carry the second yarn as a float behind the first until you need it again, and intarsia, which is blocks of colour. Cunning.

    I still want to see the cardigan!

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