It would be great if…

…I could have a selection of header images that changed every time you refreshed or clicked on to a new page in my blog or indeed visited my blog in the first place. Do you know what I mean? And is that a Thing I Can Do? Without redesigning my blog from scratch (as you might have gathered, that’s just not a Thing I Can Do).



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4 responses to “It would be great if…

  1. There might be a plugin for it. If no-one else does it sooner i’ll help you figure it out when my arm’s better.

    Sure it’s possible tho.

  2. Lucy

    Like Andy has? He did code his site, but I don’t know how much ‘from scratch’ it was.

  3. I’m sure one of the free themes (if you’re on the free wordpress) has multiple randomized header images (possibly TwentyTen?), perhaps that can use a number of images.

  4. Jenny

    I’ll have a look, thanks Phill – and yes, Lucy, just like Andy.

    Ideally though I want *this* theme and Andy-style changing headers…!! Ah well…! xx

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