Happy New Year

This xkcd strip is my current favourite thing.

In other news, I’m sorry I haven’t posted in ages. Seem to have a severe case of writer’s block – or extreme laziness blogwise, I’m not sure which.

IRL I am being pretty busy at the moment, what with the usual Christmas round of relatives and friends and social events, not to mention revision.

Anyway, people who only got two hours sleep the last time it was dark shouldn’t really be allowed to compose sentences, let alone paragraphs, so I’m going to go and watch West Wing and knit in a deeply sleepy but thankfully unhungover fashion.

In other news: I lit a firework last night! For the first time ever. Honestly, it was deeply exciting, I’m not going to lie. However I have also used up my mental exclamation mark quotient for this paragraph.

Good night, my dears…!


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One response to “Happy New Year

  1. You made me feel bad for not having blogged in forever, so I did some blogging. Once again, you’ve succeeded in accidentally being inspirational.

    I hope revision is going well, and I’m glad you didn’t catch on fire or explode or anything.

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