I hate to say this, but somewhere along the line I have become an utter snow Scrooge. Yes, alright, it’s all very pretty, there are icicles, leaves and holly berries looking all lusciously Christmas-card-esque, the sun on the snow is rather jolly at times, but actually, no, look at it, be sensible, it’s a nightmare.

This morning I had set out late enough as it was, for my lecture. And it then took me over an hour to get to said lecture. So I missed the lecture altogether in the end. This is partly due to the lack of grip on the boots I was wearing, partly because I’m a massive wuss, and all because of the snow.

And yes, I am a massive wuss. I don’t want to fall over, I’ll get wet, I’ll hurt myself, I’ll slow myself down, I’ll probably rip my gloves or my coat or something, it’ll be horrible. Doubly horrible because in the snow you’re more likely to break something. Even more horrible because the massive downside of being as flexible as I am (yes, OK, have a good giggle, move on…) is that if you fall, you’re more likely to twist your ankle or your knee or your hip as you go down and do permanent damage. A friend of mine who, like me, is hypermobile, is going to be in a wheelchair or on crutches for life because of one simple trip involving a rabbit hole and a knee twisted through 180 degrees. And that is frankly not a risk I like having to take just to get down to lectures or into town.

So no, frankly, I am not a fan of the snow. Eight inches and it’s still falling. I had to miss orchestra last night because I absolutely point blank refuse to risk taking my cello out for a walk in these conditions. It’s far too valuable for that, and anyway, falling with a cello is likely to cause me even more damage. I’ve now got to try and man up in the next few hours in order to head back out for a choir practice. But right now I’m going to climb into bed with my anatomy textbook and an obscene quantity of coffee.



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8 responses to “Snow

  1. This year was the first year I really got annoyed with snow. I LOVE the stuff, but this year I have missed so many hours of work through the various horrific crap that’s happened to me and my family, that I really can’t afford to lose any more.
    But it’s not the snow and resultant ice itself that’s the problem, it’s this country’s utter inability to cope with it.
    An inch is pretty much enough to shut down public transport. An inch. I have a Canadian neighbour who finds it hilarious.
    Considering some of those wiry-grip-things (professional term) to put on my shoes, and properly worried about my dad getting in and out of the house with frost and ice about.
    Still. Makes for some good photos.
    the snow… not my dad falling over.

  2. Very, very tempting. What I do’nt get is why no-one has thought to mass-market crampons that you can attach to normal shoes… (obviously not, like, ballet pumps or whatevr, but the sort of boots and shoes that most people wear in the winter…). xxx

  3. There’s no need to be rude, Clare, I was only… oh… oh that’s what they’re called!
    Excellent, now I know what to search for and can safely go into a store and ask for them without sounding like a fool πŸ˜€

  4. Kat

    I’m in awe at the amount we have and terror at what will happen when it melts, freezes, melts, freezes. I have no sensible boots either not good 😦

  5. I am still blissfully ignoring the whole thing and pretending I can do everything as easily as normal.

    So far, I haven’t fallen at all, and unless accompanied by someone less foolhardy, I haven’t lost more than 5 minutes on a single journey either.

    Did get wet feet though 😦 And some mean boys threw snowballs at me.

  6. Jenny

    We have over a foot up here in Crookes. I guess because you’re in a busier part of the city you get less of it because it all gets trodden out?

    Hope things continue to go OK for you :), I’m quite enjoying no uni…


  7. teacherface

    I have grown old and become a snow hater. Since getting a proper job and not retaining the title of tax-dodging student [in-jest] I care about not going to work and avoiding skidding on icy patches and all the other “chaos” the snow brings. With you on this, definitely!

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