Time You'll Be Glad You Spent…

A relative of mine was on the radio today, and you can hear him here in the first fifteen minutes of the programme. In my opinion, the discussion between Laurie Taylor, Su Maddock and said relation was a real indictment of the Big Society that David Cameron is so fond of talking about. Why I hadn’t come across Thinking Allowed before now, I don’t know, but it’s a really interesting, well-constructed programme and well worth the listen – this issue especially if you’ve any interest in having your ear to the ground about politics and society in the UK. Get to it!



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9 responses to “Time You'll Be Glad You Spent…

  1. Clare

    a friend of mine listened to our ‘certain relative’ and said that she was surprised by how un-geordie he sounded, until he said “disadvantaged”…!

  2. Jenny

    hehe why were they so surprised that he didn’t sound Geordie? And – who? xxx

  3. Adam

    When meeting this relative in person, I didn’t notice any Geordie – but I noticed it on the radio…

    Clearly I didn’t really listen to him when I met him…

  4. Lucy

    I’m going to have to listen to it again. He sounded distinctly un-Geordie to me, but then a) I wasn’t concentrating properly and b) I’m used to relatively strong NE accents so by comparison…

    Also… do you pronounce the ‘h’ in ‘Mohan’? ‘Cos the radio guy did but I’d assumed that it was said more like ‘Mo-an’.

  5. Jenny

    Some people say ‘MoHan’, others ‘Mo’an’ – I don’t really mind, I don’t know what anyone else in my family thinks!

    And I love how I was all ‘BIG SOCIETY LOOK RAGE EVERYONE’ in my blog entry and you’re all discussing his accent and how to say my surname!


  6. Flix

    I clearly only listened to it for the accent. Sorry.

  7. Lucy

    I’m sorry, but I’m too depressed already to risk getting worked up on BIG SOCIETY RAGE for the minute.

  8. Jenny

    I don’t mind really :). Though my relative might… 😛 xxx

  9. You’re right, I was glad to listen to that.

    Not sure I agree that it’s an “indictment of the Big Society”, but at the very least it’s nice to hear policy being discussed properly. Pity the politicians are unable to do the same…

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