Am V B & I…

…so, in brief, I would like to have, one day, a set of shelves that necessitated a ladder. It would be full of novels and poetry and sheet music and scores and CDs and in front of it, by a metre or so, because this would be a lovely, big room, there would be a large grand piano.

Carrying out this plan, however, necessitates getting a degree. So I might just picture-spam you sporadically for a while, or there might be nothing at all, or, once in a while, there might a post containing a list of things that make me happy or make me cross or make me sad or something. Deadlines of doom are on the 11th. Perhaps we will get back in gear after that.



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5 responses to “Am V B & I…

  1. Adam

    YES!!! I am exactly the same!! Shelves with books and scores and things, grand piano, but I also want a pair of comfortable chairs and a nice wooden chess board… Because I’m a bit of a geek…

  2. Mia

    Count me in for the same. I can’t wait to have a *massive* library! πŸ™‚ Mine would also include DVDs, though – I’m a bit of a film geek as well as a bookworm.

  3. Jenny

    I’d have my DVDs in the TV room. Which wouldn’t necessarily be the same as the sitting room.

    YES I am going to have a GIGANTIC house.

  4. Adam

    “YES I am going to have a GIGANTIC house.”

    To fill with cats no doubt…

  5. Clare

    of COURSE. You can’t have a house without cats – it’s just wrong.

    and there have to be cats plural. And at least one of them should have kittens at some point.

    Otherwise, there’s just no point in living in a place, frankly.

    Sod marriage/life-partners, I’m just going to live with cats.


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