I Have At Last Discovered An Advantage To Hangovers

Perhaps this is because I am quite literally Queen Pollyanna these days.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, the first few hours were dreadful, I felt so unwell, it was ghastly, and like young’uns the world over all I could think was ‘I’m never drinking again’. I nearly put it as my facebook status – that’s how serious I was about not ever ever ever touching a drop of alcohol ever again in my life.

It’s my own stupid fault, of course, but I had to check out the Dev Cat, because – and they’re entirely right – they say it’s full of beer. They say there’s a beer menu. Oh deary me. How right they all were.

However, advantages: I think I needed a day to straighten out. There are things I could have done tonight, I could have rushed about as I always do all day, but instead I have had a day in the house, slowly pottering my way through, putting a wash on, tidying my room, ordering a text book. None of them are absolutely vital right this minute, so I would probably have never got around to doing any of these things if it wasn’t for the fact that I don’t feel quite up to doing anything else.

I have somewhat depleted my stocks of painkillers, though, so now it’s off to the shops for me, for painkillers and a flannel (yet another thing I forgot).

Apparently tomorrow I’m getting a shipment by post of all the things I left at home. The postage is possibly worth more than the value of the things contained in said parcel. I’m quite excited.



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6 responses to “I Have At Last Discovered An Advantage To Hangovers

  1. Flix

    Post is fantastic, especially when the postage costs more than the contents. Somehow it feels more thoughtful that way…

    Hangovers, however, are not fantastic. As for the days like those you describe, they are generally what I do when I don’t want to revise, but you know, organising my earring collection is totally something that I needed to get round to, eventually.

  2. Clare

    I always forget my flannel. This, I think, is an error.


  3. mikel

    welcome to the pleasures of the ‘shire cat. A wonderous fantasmigorical establishment for the beer lover. So very many ways to overindulge and will beers from so many nationalities.
    The hangover is worth it, at least I think so.

  4. We do our departmental celebrations there… My only complaint is that it’s easy to spend far more money than you actually have.

    I’ve never had a bad night out in the ‘cat though.

  5. Sometimes you need days like these to get done what you always meant to do but never find the time for. I have to force myself to do it, otherwise the degree/work/whatever takes preference…

    For example, today I got up late. I ate breakfast at lunchtime. Soon I shall go food shopping and do some washing. I shall do some work. I may run. But I’m not aiming to do much…. that’s for tomorrow. I might even watch a film or nip to town or suchlike, but if I don’t… oh well.

    Welcome to chilled out days!

  6. Dave

    Yeah, right on!
    I miss the Dev Cat, did you have the Samichlaus? It’s the strongest (and most expensive :/ ) one they have.
    I like relaxed days πŸ™‚

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