Driving Test

Driving test 7.30am tomorrow. Wish me luck, pray, cast spells… Please?



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6 responses to “Driving Test

  1. Adam

    Best of luck – though I’m sure you won’t need it!!

  2. teacherface

    You’ll be doing it when I post this so I’m sending lots of good luck vibes!

  3. Andy Evans

    Just drive, mate.

  4. I did see this before, and performed all the requests at the time I assume you were being tested:

    Please help Jenny drive
    well if not there is a chance
    for a second shot.

    The spell was sent in the form of a haiku, offering ambiguous meanings (insert commas as you see fit) as well as some rhyme and slight alliteration. I’ve heard that helps.

  5. Thank you all :).

    Sadly, I failed – two minors, and a Dangerous Fault!!! I’ve never done anything ‘dangerous’ in my life. Well, not on the road, at least. Clearly I just had a complete brainstorm. Up until my lane-changing *rave* (the DF) I had been driving perfectly – and after that point I couldn’t seem to do anything to my own satisfaction. The minors were a stall in my three point turn (dude, seriously, wtf? never done that before either), and, oh wait, maybe I stalled twice because I can’t remember what the other was. But I’ll take it again at Christmas, it’ll be fine…!

    Thanks again for all the good wishes πŸ™‚ xxx

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