Minor Rant

As if it’s not enough that the entire internet seems to have worked out that I am a girl in my early twenties and therefore probably either pregnant or concerned about my weight or desperate for horrible cheap shoes or plastic surgery; as well as all manner of other highly well-targeted but to be honest slightly offensive advertisements – spammers are getting insulting as well.

I get quite a lot of comments on this site which get sorted straight into spam, full of the usual links to porn, penis-enlargers, and claims that they can help me make a squillion pounds on this blog. And every day or so I delete the whole lot, not without scanning through them first because once in a while something lands up in ‘spam’ which is actually a real live comment from a real human being who has something to say and isn’t trying to scam me or sell me something.

Anyway, I’ve got a couple of messages like the following recently and frankly it really pisses me off:

‘Why have you deleted my post? It was very useful information and i promise atleast one person found it helpful unlike the rest of the comments on this site. I’ll post it again. Tired of obtaining low numbers of useless visitors to your site?…’

And so it goes on in the usual spammy vein. But yeah, Mr Spammer, you have just singlehandedly riled me and abused all the people who comment on this site and that is neither funny, big, nor clever. Whoever thought this was a good idea in terms of getting themselves and their shoddy business out on the net is really not thinking straight. Or just embracing flame culture in all its overblown hideousness.

So yes, I’m a bit cross, with an invisible bot out there somewhere and whoever it was that set it up. And as usual massively curious as to the question of whether there is anyone out there who falls for these things.

But then, the internet is full of stupid people. Someone right now is wrong on the internet.



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6 responses to “Minor Rant

  1. The game with spammers is the the cost of a spam comment or email is vanishingly close to zero, so they can break into profit with a staggeringly bad conversion rate.

    It’s something like they only need one hit from a few million spam emails to make money. It’s appalling. One suggestion I’ve heard is to charge a nominal fee to send individual emails (say 5p) and suddenly the cost of sending spam becomes prohibitive. Not sure how easy it would be to get that to work in practice for either of comment spam or email spam, though.

    I have to say, I don’t get much spam on my blog. Wonder what the difference is?

  2. Stick “captchas” on your blog! Install a plug in called wp-captcha. Then, all human commentors will have to fill in a little “what does this image say?” type question before their comment gets accepted. Spambots can’t do them.

  3. yeah but I find those really annoying when I’m going around the blogosphere; I’d rather have to occasionally delete swathes of spam than make people fill out all kinds of extra jizz just so they get to say some throwaway one-liner which they might not otherwise bother saying. If I have captchas I think an even higher proportion of the comments I do get will be lengthy multiparagraph rants about something slightly related to whatever I originally said…

  4. Do you use Akismet? It’s a WordPress plugin which screens comments for spam, is entirely hidden, and IMO is pretty damn good. I use it on my blog and it’s very rare that spam actually gets posted, because Akismet catches it all. And also I don’t think it’s ever marked a valid comment as spam (or at least I don’t remember it doing so), which is pretty good.

  5. Jenny

    I do indeed use Akismet, so it’s not actually a problem as such. I do always scan through my spam just to check that there are no rogue non-spam messages in there (it has occasionally happened when someone’s posted a particularly link-heavy comment) – and this new breed of spam comments caught my eye and really put my back up, hence the rant.

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