When I Was Six I Wanted To Be An Author And This Is What I Wrote…

Absolutely verbatim, spellings, random capitalisation and all, here is a story I wrote when I was six. It’s in an envelope which has far more recently been labelled, ‘Jenny’s Quest To Find The Golden Gruffle’, and here it is:

Jenny went for a walk and she met a magician. He ask her to find the Golden Gruffle.

She went home and got somethings. The she set off. (Ed: I suspect author here was being lazy rather than just dim).

Jenny then began her quest.

She had to travel over seas, mointains, right to the other side of the world.

She yousuly camped the nihgt. But sometimes she found a good hotel.

Chapter two

the goldan gruffle

90 miles to go Phew she could walk 90 miles a day! (I remember genuinely thinking that this seemed feasible).

Jenny had gone a long way

she had got the Golden gruffle. then she went home. but this time it was difirent with the Golden gruffle.

goodbye The End.

To be honest this isn’t quite as much of a classic as Whirlpool World, but that’s all the way downstairs, so you’ll have to wait.



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10 responses to “When I Was Six I Wanted To Be An Author And This Is What I Wrote…

  1. Mia

    How very cute indeed. πŸ˜€

    I love randomly finding things I wrote/drew/made in my childhood. They remind me of much simpler days.


  2. Andy Evans

    That is phenomenal. Perhaps there’s a market in a book of cute stories written by children….food for thought!

  3. Photolosopher

    I wonder why it was difirent with the Golden gruffle? xxx

  4. Flix

    That is brilliant. I still do the yousually thing when typing.

  5. Well y’know I reckon you’ve got a promising career there! All you need to do is fill in a few gaps and pad it out a bit to 500 pages or so and you’ve got a fairly decent novel based on the fantasy formula of “someone goes on quest and does something”. Now all you need to do is include some sex and possibly a few references to poverty and such and you’re done.

  6. Jenny

    I think my favourite line (although it is very hard to choose) is ‘she yousuly camped the nihgt. But sometimes she found a good hotel’.

    I love the implicit judgement in the phrase ‘a good hotel’. Oh I was brilliant.

    I assume the journey back was ‘difirent’ because she had a Golden gruffle with her which might make some of the logistics of the journey rather tricky?

  7. teacherface

    You can’t help but smile whilst reading that. I agree with Andy E. children’s stories for children by children – could be massive. I like the style, ever read anything by Oliver Jeffers? I love his books and its much the similar style to a young Jenny.

    When I was 8 I wrote an entire chapter of a new book following on from Mallory Towers. Sadly, my writer’s disgust down the years didn’t allow me to keep it.

  8. teacherface

    My only suggestion to young Jenny is to expand upon just what the Gruffle does πŸ˜‰

  9. My reading of the last line was that it was home which was different, which is rather apt. Was the Gruffle a MacGuffin?

  10. Photolosopher

    (That was my interpretation too!)

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