This One Time, In Canada…

My friend Laura is spending a year in Canada at the moment, so as well as her regular blog, she’s writing here, with one of the best URLs I’ve ever seen. I’m looking forward to all her adventures and she’s a pretty good writer (being an English student and all) so this should be pretty exciting. And, well, bravery. Not that it’s an option, but I know full well that a year abroad would terrify me.



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2 responses to “This One Time, In Canada…

  1. I’d love to do a year abroad. As past panic-disorder sufferer I find the idea of living in a foreign country far less scary than trying to organise my day here in the UK. Wrong way around, eh? Oh well.

    I’ve never been to Montreal but part of me wants to. If you get a chance to go to Calgary, Alberta or anywhere in BC, just do it. Mount Robson. Camping in a tent with nothing, no facilities, nada, at around 8000ft next to a glacier. That’s my idea of fun :D.

    Some warnings though: places up there close in winter and 2) flies. Loads of them.

    And the obligatory emo-lyrics:
    “Tell all the English boys you meet
    bout the American boy back in the states
    The American boy you used to date
    who would do anything you say”.
    (Brand New – Jude Law And A Semester Abroad).

  2. It must be great to have the lasting re-assurance that yes, you are a globtrotting individual and could actually survive outside of England’s nurturing womb.

    Ah, if only I’d made a career choice that would actually benefit from that sort of travel.

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