Day 4: Assorted Comedians Including My Cousin

Tim Minchin’s Storm – a nine-minute beat poem about annoying hippies.

Sarah Millican, live at the Apollo.

Newport (State of Mind) – to which my cousin wrote the lyrics.

Ross Noble talking about putting a blanket over an owl. I don’t know why.



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5 responses to “Day 4: Assorted Comedians Including My Cousin

  1. As a Welshie, that Newport State Of Mind video has been in my facebook “____ just posted a link” every bleedin’ day for months. Small world.
    Went to see Tim Minchin with mates without actually having seen anything he’d done. Very pleased to find out he was very good πŸ˜€

  2. Clare

    “NEVER put a blanket over an owl…”

    god, I love that man.

    Jen, d’you want to come and see him live in Cambridge in December?? I promise it’s utterly worth it, and if there’s no room on my floor I can offer you W’s. Because obviously I can do that.


  3. Jenny

    Yes – prices/times/etc/depending…!!


  4. Cal

    He did a Live at the Apollo about 5 years ago that I genuinely nearly wet myself over… “It’s a bit like gluing meat to your face”.

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