Infants' School

It’s in the name. I think four is far too young to be at school. You barely know your own name, your hands aren’t developed enough to hold a pen, and it isn’t fair to expect you to play nicely or sit still. Frankly I don’t know why we even try at that age. I’m moving to Sweden, or Denmark, or Norway.



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4 responses to “Infants' School

  1. teacherface

    They’re changing the curriculum..or at least it was planned thus so, who knows now? But the idea was to make the jump from Reception to Year 1 a much small one.

    That said, the Scandinavians seem to do it a lot better than us…

  2. Can we replace “Infant’s School” with “Work” and “four” with “twenty-something to sixty-five”. The rest can stay in place…

  3. Jenny

    hahaha πŸ˜€ yeah I know what you mean… It sometiems frustrates me so much, because I want to crack on and do some serious work and the people around me are, well, not.

  4. Clare

    I still don’t know my own name and my hands aren’t good at holding pens: I definitely should not be at university/allowed out of the house.

    I fall asleep in the afternoons and grumble at my boyfriend unless he gives me tea. I suspect I am either 19 going on 80 or 4 going on 19…


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