And Then We Flew To Paris…

Good on the little boy (click to enlarge on new page). I found it, incidentally, here.

On that note I once in reception year went marching inside, grabbed the big bell they used to ring for end of break, and rang it really really hard because I was bored of playtime and it was cold and like every other four-year-old I didn’t really have anyone to play with or care about particularly. I can’t remember what happened next except that I do know that every class lined up, ready to go in; no idea what sort of ‘trouble’ or otherwise I got into.



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5 responses to “And Then We Flew To Paris…

  1. Clare

    haha! The ‘and then we flew to paris’ being a reference to my fictionalised accounts of days at school, no?

    I love that I used to pretend that we got turned into blackbird chicks and flown about the continent by my Year 1 Teacher. I almost wish that had been the case, although making papier mache animals was also fun.

    God, I miss Infant School. I wish I could do a degree in papier mache penguins.


  2. Jenny

    :D. Basically. And – yes. xxx

  3. If you had minus 10 character points *deducted* doesn’t that mean you had character points added? x — 10 == x + 10, yes?

    Also, *character points*. Oh dear. How very PC.

  4. Jenny

    hehe, I hadn’t noticed that. Perhaps his teacher has a sense of humour after all, even if she did feel the need to punish him…

  5. I hope so. I think I’d just have laughed along or asked him to do it again. We once had a teacher ask us to run around a classroom pretending to be an ideal gas…

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