Twitterblogging III

Two people for whom I have more respect than I know how to put into words (really, I don’t) are getting married. In some ways I barely know either of them but, well, we follow one another’s fortunes and misfortunes and I can honestly say that their news has made me a very happy woman.

Now I’m going to go and swim in a millpond. A very good day, I think.



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10 responses to “Twitterblogging III

  1. Oh cool. My college parents (a weird Durham thing) got married just after leaving uni… slightly scared me tbh… they were 21 and 22(?). That’s like as old as me!

  2. Also, can I just say, I assume at some point I will feel romantic and like flowery things and be able to bear girls squealing over dresses…. at least I really hope so, cause currently I really can’t imagine myself managing any of that sort of thing.

  3. What’s that statistic, Anthony, 70%?!

  4. Yes. Yes it is. It won’t be during uni (because one of them’s on their year abroad this year, and when she gets back the other graduates), but I am dead certain that two of my housemates are going to lead long happy and fulfilling lives together and have awesome techie babies. And if they do I’m going to be spending a heck of a lot of time around their house. For I loff them.

  5. Our babies (if we have any) are just going to be downright stubborn!

  6. Jenny

    I think your babies are going to be wonderful. I think you’ll both be brilliant parents – I think your children will grow up with a very strong and decent sense of what is right and good and when to apply that.

    But yes, probably just a tad stubborn 😉


  7. Yeah apparently. Also, my college has the highest marriage rate of members. I left after a year. What can I say… maybes I have commitment issues…?! 😛

    Babies already… that took a long time didn’t it… eeek.

  8. Jenny

    70% of what do what?

  9. 70% of people at Durham find their eventual life partner there. Where were you, Anthony? (Purely from that statistic, I’m hazarding a guess at John’s or Collingwood. Stalking will now ensue.)

  10. Jenny

    Blimey. Wish I’d gone to Durham now…! xxx

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