Twitterblogging II

Barbecue, postcards, sunshine, friends. Trying to work out how A came to be, having got to know his family a little better. Still stumped on some aspects of that one…but then I met his friends. Depends to what extent ones’ friends can be considered to be a formative influence, I suppose. Am now inconveniently re-addicted to nutella. Then work – chaotic but good fun and almost as steep a learning curve as my first shift. Next shift is Thursday so I hope and assume that this will give me less time to forget everything I know. Now. Bed.

There’s a fly stuck in my room.



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2 responses to “Twitterblogging II

  1. Glad to hear you’ve had a good weekend, and I’m totally with you on the fun but steep learning curve of working behind a bar for the first time, but please, girl, get some sleep!

    That said, in your dereliction of the interblogs you are missing out on some exciting news!

  2. Adam

    I must say, that despite your inter-web absence, I do find these Twitter-blogs quite entertaining!

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