Theory And Practice

One: I passed my theory test yesterday. Driving, that is. I am now in the process of booking up lessons, test, etc. I’m getting there, chaps.

Two: On Friday, the last time I was in work, I dissected a shrimp the size of my little finger nail, beneath a microscope. It’s very difficult, actually: using a pair of scissors with blades about 5mm long and less than 2mm wide, and two pairs of, well, they look a bit like tweezers and that’s what they’re called, but the tips are needle-fine. And you’ve got a shrimp paddling manically about its little plastic Petri dish, and firstly you have to kill it by cutting off its head, and then you have to dissect it, and it’s somewhat akin to bobbing for apples, except instead of merely trying to pick up the apple in your teeth, you’re trying to use your incisors to carve poetry into the skin. That’s how difficult and fiddly this is. So I managed to get out its guts and see the hepatopancreas, and brood plate and eggs and things, but then I effectively mashed the rest of the animal with my needles whilst trying to get its back off to have a look at some other things inside it.

Anyway, it’s half eight in the morning, I only came online to check my emails and send off an invoice, and now I’ve got to go and catch my train.



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5 responses to “Theory And Practice

  1. Woo! πŸ˜€
    Driving is brilliant and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to learn. How did you find the theory?

  2. Jenny

    I found it pretty easy, thankfully. Did pretty much the entire revision DVD beforehand – no way was I taking any chances! Lots of the questions were massively patronising, to the point of being pretty amusing really; then there were ones about different kinds of crossing and, well, I’ve no idea.

    Also I failed one of hte hazard perception tests by clicking too regularly – seriously, though, I thought I saw a potential hazard bang on every couple of seconds throughout hte video, I thought htat was pretty unfair!! But passed the whole thing by quite a way anyway :).

    Can’t wait to get driving again. Lessons starting on Thursday :D.


  3. Well done for passing the theory πŸ™‚

    It’s 5 and a half years since I passed my driving test. Where did that time go? I can’t remember now what it’s like to not drive, because it’s something I pretty much take for granted. I do remember how hard it is to learn though, so good luck with it.

    And dissecting shrimp sounds hard (but quite interesting).

  4. Clare

    lots of misplaced apostrophes in your itses there.
    On the other hand, prawn dissection sounds fun. πŸ™‚


  5. Jenny

    Ah, yes, you’re right. However – don’t blame me. I typed that on my iPhone which, if you’re not paying attention, will put an apostrophe anywhere it can fit one, as far as I can make out. The point being I guess that, on the iPhone keyboard, it’s easier to tell it not to put the apostrophe in when it prompts you than it is to go fishing about for the apostrophe yourself and then put it in, so if you’re the kind of person who cares about apostrophes, thinks the iPhone, better this way round than the other, and if you’re not, you won’t care anyway. Meanwhile, because I *am* a pedant and a grammarnazi, I sort of think I can be sloppy and just leave it because I know and you know that I know what I’m doing really. You’ll notice in everything I type using an actual keyboard that I almost invariably write ‘htat’ and ‘hte’ and ‘becuase’ and so on but I really can’t be botehred to sort it out.

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