Mr Fox! I Hate This Game, Sir. This Game Makes My Tongue Quite Lame, Sir.

So, for nearly twenty-one years of my life, I couldn’t say the letter ‘r’, at least, not in the context of words like ‘red’, ‘really’, ‘green’ or ‘cream’. No, it’s all ‘Where’s Wodewick’ and ‘weally gween cweam’, except with the merest hint of ‘v’ thrown in for good measure. Seriously. Fail. And my friends and housemates have all over time found this hilarious and even once made me record myself singing the rainbow song. Honestly, I sounded like a creepy Dr Who Evil Child kind of a character, which must be really scary to have as an alarm waking you up but there we go, it takes all sorts.

And then one day quite recently I worked it out, how to do it properly, so it’s neither a ‘w’ or a hard rolled ‘r’ but somewhere tidily in between, a real ‘r’, like most people manage. And it’s easy, and natural-sounding, and normal. But actually it still takes concentration, a lot of the time, to catch those ‘r’s as they approach, and make sure you say them properly. And it takes practice and when I’m tired or I’ve got a lot to say, I struggle to remember or think it important. But hey, I have to keep remembering and doing it right or I’ll never learn and my children will be just as bad at it and so it goes on.

Anyway. I was proud of myself. So I just thought I’d tell y’all. Enjoy…!



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6 responses to “Mr Fox! I Hate This Game, Sir. This Game Makes My Tongue Quite Lame, Sir.

  1. I could never say ‘l’ as a small child (that’s a little ‘L’, not a capital ‘i’). People would ask me what my name was, and it would come a sort of ‘Wwrucy’!

  2. Adam

    I’m simply happy because you quoted Dr Suess in the blog-post title!!

  3. Jenny

    aww that’s really cute, Lucy!

    And yeah – Fox in Socks was one of my favourite childhood books.


  4. S’ok, I could never say “car park”. Apparently it was a “park arc”… there were a few other things I couldn’t manage too which are all totally hilarious.

  5. teacherface

    I still can’t say ‘economising’ comes out more like ‘echo-nom-e-nizing’ :-/

  6. Jenny

    I used to say ‘par cark’!! I don’t know why, it’s just easier to say, I’m sure of it. There are some words it’s easy to get stuck on and add extra syllables, too – my mother used to say ‘rhodidodoes’ (although I think the ‘do’s were of variable sequence length) instead of ‘rhodidendrons’ for that reason.


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