I am either working, commuting, or doing useful houseworky things, or sleeping. I seem to need more sleep and food than I have time to get. Is this what it’s like to be a ‘proper grown-up’?

I was saying to my sister earlier, as we saw a young girl doing just this, don’t you sometimes miss being young enough to be massively entertained by running along while hollering and feelng and hearing how your jarring footfalls affected the amazing noise you were making?

So in case for some peculiar reason you’re actually missing my strange daily contribution to your online existence, that’s your reason and my excuse. I am busy, and I’m rather enjoying it all. It knocks singing whilst running into a cocked hat.



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4 responses to “Heck.

  1. Flix

    I live for the daily updates on the Mind and Times of Jenny M.

    I miss being fascinated by almost anything. I don’t miss being terrified of almost anything.

  2. Clare

    Nothing knocks singing-whilst-running into a cocked hat. Except possibly being two feet tall and seeing a golden retriever outside the window.

    • Jenny

      πŸ™‚ quite.

      I wasn’t scared of much as a child, except a lot of other children and the heat death of the universe and the nuclear apocalypse and a house fire destroying my teddybear.

      But everything was fascinating.

  3. Yes, it is. Sorry. Rubbish eh?

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