Herding Cats

Having friends is a bit like herding cats. You’re all busy, there’s lots going on, so you can’t communicate as much as you’d like and anyway you don’t really know if you’re even in the country next Tuesday, and there are things you all want to meet up and do, it’s just a question of when, and what is the critical mass of people – the fewest number of attendees you need before this stops being fun. So surely everyone hates organising stuff just as much as I do because it’s actually more akin to playing chess in your head but you don’t know for certain how many pieces are on the board or how big the board is. And then most of the time it actually all works out – enough people coincide in place and time in the right clothes and the right frame of mind and it’s all dandy. But goodness it’s hard work getting to that point.

You’re all my friends on the Internet *creepy smile* so we never have this problem, do we *even creepier smile*?



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6 responses to “Herding Cats

  1. This is why I never attempt to organize any social get-togethers, they’re just fraught.

  2. Jenny

    I think this possibly shows just how much I want to go to the beach.

    Next: RAIN. Here’s hoping not.


  3. Speaking of which, Andy, are you going to be back home over the summer, or you staying in London?

  4. Dickie, dude, blog comments are not a great way of getting in touch! Twitter, Facebook or email are waaaay better.

    But for the record, staying in London. I’m in Brum is weekend though. Going to a leavers’ BBQ at school, gonna be odd…

  5. *shrug* probably, guessed you’d see it eventually though πŸ˜›

    (also, I pretty much don’t go on Facebook these days…)

  6. Flix


    And this place is good because it’s not like you have to arrange to meet at a specific time or place, you’re just all kind of there, whenever the mood takes you, filtering in and out and having discussions lasting for days in which the comments are left for hours apart and sometimes even properly thought out and not said in haste and anger in the heat of the moment but then, that’s half the fun of everyone being mixed up and chucked together in the same place at the same time, isn’t it.

    Cos you know, in the end, it’s worth it.

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