…I swam in a river, went to a spectacular pub I was not old enough to appreciate when I was there last, watched the football, did some useful work, and fell asleep unobtrusively in corners. The Budget featured lots in the news and I’m still making up my mind about what I think about it. Reactionary leftie self objects, sensible middle-of-road self approves cautiously, Tory incubus is grinning in a dark corner somewhere. I need to know more, first.



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5 responses to “Today…

  1. My biggest peeve is with the increased VAT. I bet there will be hundreds of companies who treat it as a good chance to increase prices disproportionately. “But this price INCREASED by 20%!”, “Well it’s the new VAT innit?”.

    That said, VAT still doesn’t apply to ‘essential’ products, which in this country includes food and the like. On a slightly tangential note, I quite like that in france wining and dining were submitted to the EU as ‘essential’ and excluded from VAT πŸ™‚

  2. Women have to pay VAT on sanitary products. I’d like someone to argue to me how those are not essential…

  3. Jenny

    Because clearly we should all go on the pill, or hte magic new coil that stops (or seroiusly lightens) your periods. Because everyone wants to be pumped full of hormones, right?

    Basically this is another example of Men Being Stupid While They Run The Country.

    I may be being a little flippant here. What I mean is, I completely agree with you. That’s very odd.

  4. I barely noticed when VAT went down by 2.5%, I don’t know if i’ll notice it go up by 2.5% either.

    I think the Budget is a reasonable, pragmatic response to what’s happened, given the nature of the system.

    The leftie in me wants to tear down the system altogether.

    Yesterday, I went to Thorpe Park. It was good.

  5. The VAT rules are generally pretty arbitrary. But yes, this is incredibly bizarre.

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