Very briefly – breast milk is best for babies, in general. Especially where water is not necessarily clean and could give babies all kinds of life-threatening illnesses when added to formula milk powder. And yet Nestle continue to market their formula milk in poverty-stricken areas with the claim that it somehow ‘protects’ babies.

So. There’s a video which I didn’t bother to watch, a press-release I did bother to read, and a form which I certainly bothered to fill in to email Nestle and protest against this. All of which can be found on this page.

I’m going to try even harder to be better at boycotting Nestle. I have to admit, the odd Toffee Crunch still slips through the net…!


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  1. The union actually has an official policy which mandates a Nestlé boycott by the stores and all societies.

    After the trouble Nestlé got into with the breast milk thing ages ago, I’m surprised they’re still bothering with it. I guess they value those ill-gotten sales as being worth more than the cost of being boycotted/any sort of legal action.

    Has there been legal action against them in the past? Would such a thing even be possible? Do the countries they advertise like this in have laws about false advertising/negligent misstatement? I probably should do my own research.

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