If Music Be The Food Of Love, Play On…

In the last few weeks I’ve bought quite a lot of music. I can’t be bothered to review it – I like what I like and you like what you like, and there it is. I mean, I would review it, but, well. I like all of it, in completely different ways, and it depends what I’m looking for, do I want stuff to dance to, stuff to get ready to, stuff to salve my soul on a rainy long train journey, stuff to chill to, stuff to stomp about being angry to, or what? Some of it is stuff I was introduced to last summer when I had even less money than I do now. Some of it is stuff I’ve wanted for a while and only just got around to buying.

It’s all pretty eclectic – from folk (Steve Knightley’s Cruel River, Lucy Kaplansky’s Over the Hills, Show of Hands’ Roots) and funk (King Porter Stomp – I do mean funk, right? Genres do my head in) to nineties angsty grungy pop (Alanis Morissette. I really am that cool) and Paloma Faith’s Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful? (there the vagaries of genre boundaries really do defy me) as well as Nickelback’s Dark Horse (well, nobody’s perfect) and Babyboom Town from Babyhead (what are they, ska?). I’m still listening quite a lot to Karine Polwart’s The Good Years and oh! I wish I could sing like that. No, actually, here’s the thing – I definitely do sound that good, in the shower, mowing the lawn or hoovering, on my own, when I can’t be heard, but you’re about as likely to catch me singing seriously outside of choir as you are to catch me clambering out of a spaceship on Newsnight when they film the 2010 Moon landings. Quite.

If I know you and like you, I’ll probably make you listen to some of this at some point. A review won’t tell you anything much unless you already have a reasonable level of background knowledge about the genre or band being reviewed; and personally I never buy music I don’t already know I like. I know for a fact that a lot of this is on Spotify, anyway. And I write terrible reviews. Also, I’ve got to go and cook.



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2 responses to “If Music Be The Food Of Love, Play On…

  1. Adam

    Steve Knightley/Show of Hands – Always a good choice…

    King Porter Stomp – FANTASTIC CHOICE!! I’d say they fall in the grey-area between funk and hip-hop…

    Nickelback’s Dark Horse – This is also acceptable; because it features Burn It To The Ground… The introduction to which makes me want to touch myself… It’s that good…

    Alanis… Well; you’re a girl so it’s a given…

    Paloma – It’s actually a pretty decent album; it formed the tail-end of the soul-pop revival we briefly had… Before everything got all electro…

    Those are all good choices (I’ve not listened to the others I didn’t mention, but will do!!)

  2. Jenny

    1. Yup, I know. For ages I had them on my old iPod but due to total technological fail they weren’t on my computer, so I had to re-buy them (have decided this is the answer to all my musical woes – I had so much music on my old iPod that I *didn’t* listen to that it wasn’t worth trying to hack my old iPod to get it, better just to select and buy things I *like*. Anyway, I love Steve Knightley/Show of Hands. A) great to listen to, properly listen to; B) makes me want to be able to sing and play the guitar simultaneously (talking of which you should so definitely teach me though I can’t pay you except in tea or food or something), C) they’re something you can listen to in any mood or situation and they’re about right. And nostalgia for a Britain we probably never had.

    2. I KNOW. Why I didn’t buy them ages ago is beyond me.

    3. Haha yeah but i get the impression we’re just not meant to like Nickelback, it’s just so not cool. NEVER MIND.

    4. Also liking Alanis Morissette is surely way cooler than liking Taylor Swift or Katy Perry or (alright, I admit, I used to) Avril Lavigne, right?

    5. I like her a lot better than a lot of the rest of the latest wave of soul-pop, I think. Probably because of her whole burlesque-crazy image. I do need to get more into soul-proper though, I think. Suggestions?

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