Revision II

I want to be watching Doctor Who, not revising. Is that really, really sad?

It’s OK, I’m going out on Tuesday. And Wednesday. And Thursday. And then I’m going home (home proper) on Sunday, at which point I’ll see just what the builders have done to our house. My room’s having no roof at the moment in this weather might actually make it cooler, who knows.



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3 responses to “Revision II

  1. Does that mean you finish on Monday?

  2. Jenny

    No, my exam is on Tuesday afternoon. Then I have a quick bit of proofreading to do and an invoice to send off and then I’m going to the pub. I am planning on packing whilst still drunk.

    Not seriously, but it’s probably the only way I’ll get through packing up my stuff without having an actual nervous breakdown…!


  3. Doctor Who is awesome, so you’re completely excused.

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