Colonialism Fail

We’re a bunch of arrogant twits, really.

Still, at least we’re not Welsh, eh, eh? Cue some kind of sheep-based humour.

Ha ha.



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6 responses to “Colonialism Fail

  1. I don’t get why it’s arrogant? The law requires road signs etc to be bi-lingual in Wales. In South Wales most people don’t speak Welsh fluently (if at all), so translators are used to do this (quite who they’re doing it for given the apparent lack of Welsh speakers, is a different matter). In this case the mistake was made by a Welsh council. Is it arrogant for Welsh people to not know the Welsh language? πŸ˜›

  2. Jenny

    no, I just happened to be drunk and making sweeping generalisations at the time of writing.

  3. Hooray for drunkenness!

    Personally, I think it’s a bit weird how a story from 2008 bubbled up into today’s most read. What’s that about?

  4. Adam

    It’s because Jenny linked to it… It’s like how if Stephen Fry links to a website on twitter it can crash – Jenny’s blog is *that* widely read it can skew the BBC most read statistics…

  5. Pretty much what has been said. Oops?

  6. Jenny

    Someone linked to it on facebook.

    No, I’m actually as popular as Stephen Fry.


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