So Today I Need Reminding Of All The Good Stuff

I could bitch about all manner of things right now I’m sure if I tried, and because I’m in such a bad mood, instead, for my benefit rather than yours, you’re going to get a list of good things:

  1. I’m not dead.
  2. I have a rather nice tan.
  3. I don’t have skin cancer yet.
  4. I’m not utterly terrible at the violin.
  5. I have a beautiful new jacket.
  6. The heatwave was lovely although I could do with more of it.
  7. My exam isn’t tomorrow.
  8. I have the best work experience ever (never mind that I haven’t otherwise planned anything for the summer, I’ll just assume it’ll consist of pubs and the odd barbecue and hopefully a festival or two and in fact my 21st birthday).
  9. I’m not actually panicking about my 21st yet which is definitely a good thing. I’ve even formulated a vague plan or two.
  10. I live on a planet where there are such things as hammocks, which is good, even if I don’t actually own one. I will.
  11. I like both being busy and bitching about how busy I am and currently I am doing quite a lot of both.
  12. I have plans. Evil, wonderful plans. Involving madrigals and cake and probably a salmon.
  13. I still haven’t found the time for this week’s Doctor Who, which means that I still have that treat left to come.
  14. Apparently the entirety of Whose Line Is It Anyway is on 4od. I’ve never watched it but if my sister thinks it’s funny she’s probably right. Not thatI’ll ever get time to watch it, but hey. It has to be cheerier than Ashes to Ashes, right? Although that was pretty brilliant.

Hey, look, I thought I was going to struggle to reach ten. And there. Fourteen, easy.

Yeah, you’re right. Testicles.



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6 responses to “So Today I Need Reminding Of All The Good Stuff

  1. Adam

    “Testicles” are they one of Life’s Good Things?!?

    • Jenny

      It’s a quote from Coupling! which you should definitely watch. When I see you in the summer remind me to lend you the box set! Xx

  2. Not always. They can be, particularly fried in garlic.

    …I’m not sure why I said that. 😐

  3. ah, we may have simulposted, but only you noticed this fact…


    Also, yes – yes I am. Feminism?! πŸ˜›


  4. Who’s Line Is It Anyway was AMAZING! Get stuck in!

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