Procrastinating Rather Than Sleeping? Fail.

Oh post-scheduler, you save my life once again.

Anyway. Procrastinating found me this quiz. It shows you the percentage of votes one way or the other for each individual question rather than giving you a breakdown at the end, so look out.

Basically I am apparently abnormally naked. There is nothing I will not do, or have not done, whilst naked – with the exception of cooking. Somehow that seems to me just a bit weird. Also I’m convinced I would scald my stomach or get hot fat spat at me or something, somehow. So logistically it’s stupid and it would feel very odd. But skinny dipping, sunbathing, night swimming, sleeping, check check check check. I enjoy and will happily do all of those things, at least, on my own or in the presence of similarly-minded friends. I will get naked in the pool changing rooms, which are communal, without a qualm, though there are cubicles if you want them but the floor is wetter in there because they’re nearer the showers and they’re dark and I’m too blind when I take off my glasses.

Don’t go thinking I wander round naked all the time. I don’t. I just don’t have a problem with it.

Apparently I will happily talk about me being naked on my blog. Oops. Whilst I’m at it, I’ll also tell you about my new stockings…

(jokes. I have no stockings. I have no idea how to wear them without looking like a goth, or one of those people who thinks vintage clothing is for actively recreating a sort of 1950s-fakery-arcadia, or a prostitute or something and I am none of those things. It’s a shame because I think they’re kind of sexy but they’re probably a nightmare to take off in a seductive (or at least not actively off-putting) fashion especially if like me you’re about as dexterous as a mentally challenged goat).



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15 responses to “Procrastinating Rather Than Sleeping? Fail.

  1. They’re more easily seductive than tights, I’ll be honest. Also, they’re just easier to take off which is useful.

    Not that anyone needs to know…


  2. Jenny

    I jsut don’t think they tend to fit with my style. I’d like to be the kind of elegant woman who wears them but you know it’ll never happen. Except perhaps at very formal occasions. Also according to another friend, they’re *not* that easy to take off. I’m just a bit put off by the whole gothic thing. I have a friend who wears stockings with more or less anything else she’s wearing and it looks odd to see red fishnets with ankle socks, crocs, and a cagoule, it’s just strange. I don’t want to wear them out of context and I’m not sure that they would ever be ‘in context’ for me.

    Except perhaps on my wedding night.


  3. Adam

    Stockings are also much easier than tights for guys to take off…

  4. Well I suppose I wear hold-ups rather than stockings. Stockings are difficult to attach…


  5. Stockings are nigh-on impossible to get to stay on for any decent amount of time. That said, it might help if my suspender belt fitted. In order to get a pair that were long enough, I had to get the corresponding suspender which is loose to say the least….

  6. Adam

    TMI?? Perhaps…

    Entertaining mental images?? Certainly…

  7. Adam

    TMI?? Perhaps…

    Entertaining Mental Imagery?? Certainly…

  8. Is it bad that I a) know the difference between hold-ups and stockings as per CRM’s response and b) agree with lucy, being as I’m male?

    @Lucy nahhhh… Jenny did kinda start it, really.

    Why is there an “abnormal” amount to be naked? We do seem to have an aversion to our own bodies as humans, don’t we? Everyone’s got ’em and all that.

    Now I have a question and I feel I must pry, in your post Jenny you say: “there is nothing I have not done naked?”. What about ping pong? Or table-tennis?

  9. “Now I have a question and I feel I must pry, in your post Jenny you say: “there is nothing I have not done naked?”. What about ping pong? Or table-tennis?”

    And in this spirit, what about climbing? I imagine the harness would be rather uncomfortable? 😛

    I’m afraid I have nothing to offer on the subject of stocking removal.

  10. Or hiking. Betcha you’ve never climbed a mountain naked.

  11. Flix

    I know someone who did a naked skydive. That’s gotta chafe.

  12. OK, not *nothing*. I meant nothing on the list in the quiz, honestly folks. If you *want* me to play naked table tennis then maybe I will, yeah, yeah?

    But I’m definitely not going in for naked skydiving, or climbing.


  13. I too have procrastinated rather than sleeping. It’s a world of the bad.

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