Fun Update: I Haven't Been Around Much Because I…

…am secretly a rabid sun-worshipper. Seriously, the moment it gets warm enough to theoretically be outside naked, happily, I’ll be out there in as little clothing as I can decently get away with to sunbathe in the garden.

For years I’ve pretended that I don’t really like or approve of sunbathing, because I’m meant to be all grown-up and think that it’s preferable to not be too tanned in case you risk looking a bit Tangoed or at the very least like the kind of girl who thinks a good holiday involves a lot of cocktails, a cheap hotel, and a slightly anonymous lobstery-Brit-lad-filled tropical island. And also, more importantly, skin cancer, no thanks. And actually I’m the kind of girl who likes holidays to places that she remembers for their culture and scenery and actually I quite like summer holidays in a tent in Scotland, which is good, because quite often that’s what we end up doing.

So yeah. I don’t approve of sunbathing, at least in theory, and I also don’t approve of fake tan, sunbeds, or even, really, moisturiser with a bit of tanner in it. But actually the latter is all I have, since I’m not at home, and actually, I end up using it after I burn every year, because the pink of my burnt skin, plus the tango shade of the self tanner, plus the fact that burn turns to tan on me anyway, means that I wake up a perfectly natural brown colour. Hopefully. Although I tend to claim I grabbed the bottle ‘by mistake’ because I really am that blind (no, I really am, it’s perfectly possible, it just hasn’t happened yet). So yes. I love sunbathing, it’s all warm and dozy and comfortable and a great way to sleep off lunch, I like having a bit of a tan, I mean, goodness knows I need anything to make my thighs look less like birch tree trunks, and yes, sometimes I help it along a bit with tanning moisturiser as scrounged from medicine cabinets in relative’s bathrooms countrywide.

And yes – whilst the weather is like this, I would rather spend the time I have not revising either in the sun with a book or asleep (with an alarm – I really don’t want to go more than a little red), or visiting my Gran and learning poetry with her.

So no, this blog has been a bit sparse lately. My life is nice and quiet. For once I have nothing to complain about, nothing to comment on, nothing much to say. I hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine too. And the lovely warm light evenings and the cider and beer and all the other trappings of a summer in the sun. Here’s hoping this one’s better than the previous few…!



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4 responses to “Fun Update: I Haven't Been Around Much Because I…

  1. I approve of fake tan. This is because I am both ginger and not actually dead. I went out on Friday afternoon and bought some tinted moisturiser and a bottle of factor 30. No more vampirin’ this year!

  2. I can’t stand sunbathing. I can lie down with my eyes closed being a little too warm for comfort almost anywhere.

    Add to that my ever-so-slight gingerness (my beard hair, uniquely of all my hair, is ginger) means I tend to burn quite easily, and you know that you’ll miss some tiny fraction with the sun cream, like the tops of the ears or something, and end up with a weird crazy area of burn.

    Urgh. And reading in the sun is no fun, the page is too bright with the reflected light, or you can’t find a comfortable position to sit in, or any number of things. Maybe I just like whinging about weather.

  3. Jenny

    Here’s hoping it’s a warm one then, Fi.

    I’m lucky because I do tan although I burn first.

    ALso I burn more at the edges of my clothes – so I have weird red patches at the top of my thighs but my shins and calves are hardly even tanned :(. What’s that about?

    Personally I love sunbathing, but not for too long. After all you don’t *need* to sleep during the day, I invariably doze off in the sun, and then I’ve got too much sleep and feel weird and sleep badly later.

    Oh, and – sunglasses. Hats. All good for being able to read in bright light.

    Talking of which *this* *is* the summer where I will finally get around to getting prescription sunglasses. Things are getting ridiculous.


  4. I ought to use factor 50 just to be certain of my skin. I also ought to have a proper, proper sun hat. I do/have neither of these things.

    Hence sunburn and now, more frequently, sun stroke. I’m quite good at largely avoiding burning (she says, touching wood).

    I do, I’ve realised like sunbathing. Not always just lying there; I like having a book and some water, and I can’t really stay out for very long before the heat makes me exhausted, but I do like it in short doses. It’s relaxing.


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