I just realised: when I’m in a bad mood I am now annoyed about it, whereas that used to be my default until more recently than I care to admit or think about it (by which I mean I don’t know when…) and so I just accepted it. I know this because I was putting on some music and decided to head back down memory lane and listen to some music I listened to a lot in late spring of last year. And I realised I chose that artist, those songs, because she complemented the mood I was in. Not that I was wallowing, just that happier music seemed a bit shallow or false or something. And now I pick music that puts a grin on my face and makes me want to dance because even if I wake up on the wrong side of the bed (literally this never happens, I gravitate, always, to the right, and end up on the brink, ready to fall out the moment I dare move. Weird) I know that I’ll be back to my old cheery self in minutes. But today, I’m strong enough to wallow. So there.


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