As a recommendation, chaps. If you, like me, have something of a tendency to talk about things on your blog which really are quite close to the bone, in all kinds of ways, and those entries happen to be the ones which somehow continue to appear in your most-clicked-upon ever entries, you definitely shouldn’t go back reading through your archives in this way, because you’ll just be sent on some totally mental rollercoaster of all the things that have most affected people and by extension yourself (as well as a surprisingly lengthy post about knickers, and one on the leadership debates). And you know what, it’s fucking embarassing upsetting your own fucking self. I mean, it’s like, you twat. Basically. I also looked through Cloudlife today for a whole load of genuinely sensible reasons and that wasn’t any more fun and now my head hurts so I’m going to go and curl up in a ball and feel sorry for myself and watch Doctor Who because what the fuck kind of an idiot thinks it’s a good idea to rake over stuff like that, good reason or no? Anyway. I’m also not up for whining about anything. Doctor Who, tea, and telephoning my mother. Yes.


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