So Today I Was Going To Say Something Worthwhile

I had several ideas for blog posts which I wrote down… somewhere. (Ed: Found them. Tomorrow is going to be controversial. I’m a little nervous).

However today you have a choice – you can listen to me ranting and raving about how brutally hung over I am, or you can watch the newest John Lewis advert. You remember how the Christmas one made me cry (Ed: Oh, wait, that was the Waitrose one, but I think the point still stands)? Well. This one might just be worse. By which I do of course mean better. And it’s fantastically effective – because I want to be the John Lewis woman now, and that obviously starts with buying, I don’t know, a new cushion and a dinner service. Because these things will obviously cause me to marry and settle down in a big beautiful house and have an improbably beautiful and successful deeply middle-class family who are all brilliant at family games and own a selection of deeply photogenic dogs.

Actually I can’t be bothered to rant and rave about how hungover I am. I’m too hungover to be hilariously witty about it. But I will say this: I’m in a far less terrible mood than I usually am whilst hung over.

Oh, and – ‘hung over’ or ‘hungover’? Thankfully it’s not a question that tends to come up in the books I proof-read. Talking of which, I’d better shoot.



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14 responses to “So Today I Was Going To Say Something Worthwhile

  1. Laura

    I cried.

    I’ve always wanted to be the John Lewis woman (well, if we’re talking dreams here, I want to be the Liberty woman, but John Lewis is close enough).


  2. Jenny

    One day. One day. xxx

  3. Laura

    Then again, the Hovis advert – with the little boy going through the Britain of the past 100 or so years – always makes me sob like a baby.



  4. Jenny

    Not sure I’ve seen that one!


  5. That advert annoys me. It assumes a perfectly happy life conforming to every stereotype there is.

    Unfortunately the disclaimer you inadvertently signed when you were born via way of an accidental flick of the umbilical cord actually says: may vary in colour, size, shape, experience, level of happiness, life expectancy, general interest and in fact in any other possible way (and several ways your scientists haven’t thought of yet) from what is actually advertised. In essence, may not be or rather probably isn’t the product advertised. The trades descriptions act does not apply to deities / mother nature (delete as appropriate).

  6. Tom

    This chokes me up although I’m sure there’s an even worse (better?) one concerning a ‘good luck with your new job’ which produces actual tears.


  7. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

    Best. Advert. Ever.


  8. Jenny


    Well ARE you?

    But yes. Thank you. Especially loved the Hovis one :). Never seen that before!

    Although my dad would be annoyed because it couldn’t make up its mind what town it was set in.

  9. The boy in that hovis ad reminds me of my/our cousin Peter, a little. πŸ™‚


    • Jenny

      Yeah, me too. Think that’s probably why I love it so much :).

      Also did you look at the hallmark one? That’s lovely too :).


  10. All very lovely. In a trying-not-to-vomit kind of way. Is that really just me?!

  11. I don’t get the hallmark one…
    … is it just that he gave her a card, or is there something more emotional going on?


  12. Jenny

    It’s awkward-teenage-boy-love. Like, this is the nearest he can get to telling her how much she does mean to him, and she knows it. Basically. xxx

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