Give Blood

I’m giving on Wednesday. I give about twice a year because I’m a little low in iron. When did you last give blood? Go to where they will tell you where and when your nearest and most imminent session is. It’s also easy to book an appointment to give blood on the site. It couldn’t be easier to organise. So unless you’ve got a genuinely good excuse (I know some of you really do), sort it out. That is all.



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8 responses to “Give Blood

  1. mikel

    I’ve given blood, platelets and plasma for ages but cannot any more as I’ve been diagnosed as type 2 diabetic and they will not take in any more – alas. Still the people in the centre at unitown are all very friendly and look after you. Make a nice cuppa as well.

  2. Jenny

    Oh dear :(. I always give at uni itself and that’s always gone quite well for me althoug the hall they do it in is *cold* and I really don’t tend to want to get my bare arms out in that hall on your average evening winter or summer!

  3. Laura

    Does having a chronic fear of needles (ie one that leads you to throw up, have a panic attack and/or pass out) count as an excuse? I really want to give blood, but when I was in hospital and they put the needles in me I got really hysterical :/

    My life’s a mess.


  4. Currently I’m feeling pretty woozy – last time I felt like this and had a blood test they bunged me in a wheelchair – but as soon as I’m feeling better, I’ll go down. And will probably still faint: hurrah.

    I shall take SBC with me. And/or go with her.

    I also had a dream last night that my doctor bumped into me and told me off for not collecting the results of my last blood test; I think it’s probably a bit late now; it was done in May*!


    *December. I mean. Urgh.

  5. haha oh dear! Hope you feel a lot better soon my dear, and meanwhile, drink lotes of tea and stuff and watch Russell Howard’s Good News :). It’s good.


  6. mikel

    If the hall they use at uni is too cold try the permanant ctr – its down the far end of the street that has oxfam in it – down at the city hall end, just go on past the end of the street following the tracks for a few yards and its on the ground floor of one of the buildings on the left.

  7. I know, I know, but in the cold vs local fight, local wins out. I’m meant to be in the Union at the time of my appointment anyway so if I’m going to be running around like a headless chicken I’d rather be doing it somewhere without actual roads or long distances to cover!


  8. Jenny

    Laura – for some reason your comment had to be moderated, but it’s up there now. And of course if you have panic attacks and all the rest of it then it’s basically unreasonable to expect you to give blood :). Sorry to hear that though, cannot be fun! xxx

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